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My Books and Taxes

We help Law Firms increase their bottom line by 20%

With Strategic Bookkeeping and Advanced Tax Planning. You also save 7+ Hrs/Week with the work we take out of your plate so you have more time to get and serve more clients and build a 7-figure practice.

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You are unique

Your Immigration Law Firm Is UNIQUE & So Are Your Accounting NEEDS

We specialize in IMMIGRATION Law Firms so we know exactly the risks you face when you are not in COMPLIANCE with your client TRUST funds as required by the American Bar Association Rules

For your IOLTA Accounts:

  • 3-Way Monthly Reconciliation and Reports. 

  • Support in case of State BAR Audit of your Trust Account (s). 

  • Help Developing a Billing Workflow that keeps your Clients' Trust Accounts in Balance at all times. 

  • Let's Talk!

    Our services

    Tailored to your specific INDUSTRY needs

    Part-Time Virtual CFO and Advisory

    Part-Time Virtual CFO and Advisory

    Let us help you dive deep into your financials, set up a plan to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in a year or two. Let us guide you to future success! 

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    QuickBooks Online Setup and Cleanup

    QuickBooks Online Setup and Cleanup

    We will set up your books according to your legal entity and what will be useful for your business. 

    Our team will help you get your books cleaned up, caught up, and ready for tax season!

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    Business and Individual Tax Prep

    Business and Individual Tax Prep

    Stop trying to file your taxes by your own. Let our team of experts make sure you are not missing deductions and avoid penalties and interests for errors in your tax return. All from the confort of your Home!

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    Tax Projections and Planning

    Tax Projections and Planning

    Effective tax preparation and planning can hep you minimize your future tax liability. Don't get a surprise when filing your taxes. Know in advance how much will you owe and how much your estimated taxes should be.

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    Our team

    Our main GOAL is to provide you with the level of service and COMMUNICATION your business needs to thrive

    Karla Navarro

    Karla Navarro

    Founder, Enrolled Agent,    B.S. in Accounting

    Ana Montero

    Ana Montero

    Account Manager, Certified Bookkeeper

    Andrea Ocariz

    Andrea Ocariz

    Account Manager, Certified Bookkeeper

    Mary Rodriguez

    Mary Rodriguez

    Tax Preparer

    Why did we choose to work with Immigration Law Firms? 

    The team at My Books and Taxes are immigrants. We are Venezuelans that had to leave our country because of the well-known situation that has destroyed our country.

    We came to the US looking for better opportunities, quality of life, and a better place to raise our kids, leaving behind all the violence, kidnaps, lack of basic services, food scarcity, etc.

    As many people know, coming to the US legally it's not an easy task. There are ways, but all of them take time, money, and a lot of patience. We know and believe in the importance of having an allied next to you, someone that understand your unique situation, and is willing to do the work and fight for it.

    Our main goal is to free up time to all lawyers by streamlining their processes and workflows to take away most of the accounting and admin tasks so they can focus on helping others like us. We don't want them worried about finances, taxes, compliance, cash flow, billing, etc. We want to see them focus on their clients and having the opportunity to provide better services and help as much clients as they can while enjoying some free time for their families and themself.

    If you could have 7+hours/week to work ON your firm, on your marketing, on your client's cases, on your vision, how would your business look like in a year? In 3 years? In 5 years? You will be able to reach your goals, and have the Law Firm that you dream of. San Diego is the best city, you should be able to enjoy it with your Family and Friends.

    From my first meeting with Karla, I could already tell she was an expert and very knowledgeable in her field. She also laid out clearly what the process of working with her would look like, which put me at ease and made me comfortable that I'd be in good hands with someone who was experienced and organized. She was always super friendly and responsive, and helpful in answering any questions I had. It was a pleasure working with Karla and I look forward to doing so in the years to come. Thank you Karla!! 

    Kevin C.

    Karla and her team at My Books and Taxes are terrific! Very competent, professional, friendly and personable - which is not always the case with CPA's, right? Plus, they know how to handle my complex crypto currency transactions like staking, roth, crypto, etc. not just buying and selling crypto.

    Thank you Karla and your team!

    Brandon N.

    Karla was absolutely amazing! We had a huge list of issues for her to tackle, and Karla worked tirelessly until our books were totally perfect. Her expertise in law practice accounting is unparalleled and she was able to explain everything in a way that made complete sense.

    Whenever I had questions (and I had A LOT), she answered them thoroughly and quickly. Karla was such a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

    Heather O.

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    Benefits of OUTSOURCING your Accounting

    We are technology savvy and we are always looking for the last applications that helps STREAMLINE our and your processes

  • Huge savings compared to hiring an employee

  • By choosing us, you will save money on associated costs that come with hiring an employee - such as payroll tax, employee benefits, equipment, and recruiting & training.

  • Get back your time and also Money

  • When you focus on your profit-generating activities and take care of your clients your business grows. Let us take care of the accounting tasks so you can get back to doing what you intended when started your business.

  • No Hidden Costs

  • We offer our services at a Fixed Monthly Rate. No Surprises! We don't charge you for our meetings, emails, or phone calls. 

  • Get your Numbers under Control

  • By understanding your financial statements, you will have the confidence to make educated financial decisions to meet your business goals.

  • Proactive Team

  • We are always keeping an eye on the financial health of your business and developing strategies for improvement. Think of us as your silent, financial partner helping you grow your business.

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    Multiple services

    Our Certifications

    We keep up to date with new LAWS, TRENDS, APPS, and any other thing that can help us PROVIDE you with better service


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    7 Legal Tax Loopholes for Lawyers

    7 Legal tax loopholes for lawyers

    This FREE eBook contains 7 strategies every lawyer should be implementing to reduce your taxes and keep more of your earned money in your pocket. 

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    My Books and Taxes empowers lawyers by reducing the administrative work so that they can help more clients and a better client experience. 

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