Strategic Bookkeeping and Trust Accounting

For six-figures and beyond Immigration Law Firms

You work too hard to invest time on administrative tasks.

While a lot of these activities can be handle by an in-house person, you need to be extra careful when we are talking about your books, trust accounting, and all the compliance surrounding them. You also need to pay attention to whom you give access to your books and financials.

Let's talk and find out if we are a good match before you make any decisions.

Our Process

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The market is full with different options to outsource your bookkeeping, from hourly rates to fixed rates.

We believe every business should know exactly how much to budget to cover the investment, so we price our work on a fix monthly rate, after reviewing your financial statements and determine a custom price for advisory and bookkeeping services.


Every business is different but rates typically start at $350/mo with additional fees for catch-up/clean-up work.

Here a little bit about our initial process:

Let's chat to find out if we are a good fit to work together, and if we can help you achieve your goals. Or complete this questionnaire instead.

After our initial call we'll request some financial documents. We analyze them to learn about your business and prepare a proposal.

We present our findings of our financial health check-up and share with you the package we have chosen for your business. 

Sign agreement and begin the onboarding process. You'll meet your account manager and get access to our client portal to share documents securely.

It's not about crunching numbers, debits, and credits

This is what you are paying for

Books always on time!

We make our best effort to have your books close by the end of the month once bank statements are available to us. This means filing taxes on time!

Monthly or Quarterly Financials!

We'll meet monthly or quarterly to review the basic financial reports and those that can be helpful to you to make inform decisions.

Timely Advice!

Because we are always on top of your financials we'll be able to  discover opportunities that can save you money. We'll share those so you can take action.

Our services are right for you if ...

You like the idea of virtual services available  to you anytime. No waiting room and no more traffic

You are responsive. We can not do everything without you. There is information that only you know.

You really want to learn about your finances and understand where your money goes.

Our services are NOT right for you if ...

You don't communicate. Every month we need your help with some transactions and your books won't be accurate if you don't provide feed back in a timely manner.

You are looking for the lowest price possible. Our rates go hand to hand with the quality of the service you receive, our years of experience, and the relationships we built.

You only care about having your books done so they are ready for your CPA to file taxes and not use it as a tool to grow your business, if  so, we might not be a good fit.

or Send us a message and We'll get In Touch

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