Revenue of

$0 - $50K

  Starts    at    $65/mo 


Revenue of

$50 - $125K

  Starts   at   $115/mo 


Revenue of

$125 - $250K

  Starts   at   $155/mo 


Revenue of

$250 - $400K

  Starts  at   $225/mo 

Handwritten checks $3/each

** if your revenue is over $400K, please contact us for a custom quote


Monthly Bookkeeping

Our team of dedicated bookkeepers will ensure your business financials are always accurate and up to date eachmonth. (weekly service is available as an add-on item)

Financial Review Board Reports

2 times per year our Financial Review Board meets internally to review all aspects of your business to determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business

Communication with Staff (limited)

All Core packages come with 1 monthly email to our staff for financial questions and concerns

Monthly Reports


After closing the bookkeeping month, we will send you via email, basic financial statements (P&L and Balance Sheet) that can help you take more informed decisions. 


Weekly Books


QuickBooks Online Essentials


Need your books done more often than monthly?  Add on this service for weekly reconciliations of your business transactions.



Unlimited Support


We’ll help you get setup and ensure quarterly and annual filings are done timely and accurately. $6 per employee charge applies.

Invoicing/ Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable


Tired of sending invoices to clients? Our team can take that off your hands. We will prepare all of your invoices and receive payments for you

Rental Properties


If you own rental properties, there are special tax filings that must be done, ensure all  income and expenses are reported accurately.


Sales Tax


Accountable Plan


If you need to charge sales tax for your the products or services you sell, we can file your sales tax returns monthly or quarterly

You need this software for bookkeeping, if you don't have an active subscription you can get one at our discount price

With our VIP add-on you will get unlimited emails, phone calls, & virtual meetings with our accounting staff.

Tired of paying all the bills for the business each month? Our team can take that off your hands.  Send us your invoices, and make all payments for you

Business Tax Return


We will prepare and file your Business Tax Return. One state included. This includes all the forms and schedules your business requires

To reimburse owners and employees for out of the pocket expenses, an accountable plan is required


Corporation Setup


 We’ll file with your state, get you a new EIN and we'll take care of the forms necessary to make an S Corp election if you need to. State fees apply.

Tax Planning


By far our most popular add-on offering. Optimize your tax savings each year & plan for those that cannot be avoided

Additional State Return


If you need to file your taxes in more than one state, you need this add-on for each additional state you have to file

Audit Defense


Time Tracking

$18/mo + $4.50/emp/mo

It's like an insurance policy on your tax returns.  With this service we will respond to all tax notices you may receive and represent you in an audit.

Personal Tax Return


We will prepare and file your personal tax return, including your Schedule C for your business and Schedule A if you itemize. State is included

Go   Paperless


Upload your receipts and bills into an app or email them to a custom email address. We will attach them to QuickBooks. No more shoebox receipts!

Local Tax


If the city you live or work in requires a separate tax return for local taxes, add this feature and let us prepare these for you.

The easier way to track your employees time. T-Sheets offers a great software and We can offer a discounted monthly subscription


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