Karla has a personal, proactive approach to guide me with the financial running of my business and is always available either via email or telephone. I have a real sense of security knowing there is always quality advise on hand as my business grows and I have to make more decisions. I would highly recommend her service. She has helped me feel less stressed about my business and what to expect in the future.

                                                        Miroslaba Rodriguez, Realtor

Pâtisserie Rotha has been working with Karla since it opened over a year ago.
We have much appreciated the professional bookkeeping that has helped our small business flourish in order to reach financial stability and success. 

Karla responds quickly to requests and simply gets the job done!

                                                                          Rotha Ieng, Chef

We started a new business and had a concerns about navigating the financial side of things. Karla has helped us understand how best to structure our business entity so it works for us.

Doing taxes with Karla and My Books and Taxes is fast and streamlined so it can all be done virtually. We will definitely continue to use her service.

                                                                        Stephanie Wright Moore
                                        Intrinsic Environmental, Health, and Safety

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