Do you think business tax preparation is too expensive?

You should know the truth: Business Tax Preparation is complicated, many details are involve, and it is time consuming when prepare correctly. It is also true that for some small business with few transactions is less complex than for large volume businesses, but that does not mean less care could be taken. To prepare a complete and accurate business tax return you will find a lot of benefit from using a professional tax preparer, especially less headaches and stress.

The changes to the tax code affecting business are so important and wide that it's difficult to keep track of all of them. We dedicate ourselves to keep our knowledge updated with continue education by obtaining additional credentials that allow us to offer more value to you and your business. The new tax law has brought a lot of confusion, and, for at least a few years, we won't have clear rules. The IRS is still providing guidance in many of the changes, and it will take time to get all the information clarify. 

It is so easy to miss deductions or credits to which your business is entitled. There are new credits, deductions that are no longer allowable, new tax rates, and so much more new stuff, that even with a good tax software opportunities could be miss if the right pair of eyes is not checking twice your tax return preparation.


After completing our questionnaire we are able to provided you with a good estimate of our fees. These fees are made on an estimation of the time it will take us to prepare, review, and finalize the return or project based on the complexity of the services needed. Once we have all the documentation require to complete the tax return we will provide you with our final fee knowing your unique tax and accounting needs.

We require a deposit of $95 dollars to set up your client portal account to submit all the information to prepare the tax return. This deposit will be applied to your final invoice. 

Some examples of our pricing:

* Partnership Federal Income Tax Preparation $525 – $750 (Form 1065)

* S Corporation Federal Income Tax Preparation $585 – $820 (Form 1120S)

* C Corporation Federal Income Tax Preparation $650 – $890 (Form 1120S)

Prices included 1 state and e-filing.

We offer a 10% discount for those who send us all required documents at least 30 days before the due day of the tex return



Complete our questionnaire, you can find it here

After receiving your answers we can give you a price estimate and also an estimate of when your return can be ready to file.

Get a quote and estimated time to complete the tax return. Pay a deposit

Approve our quote, sign an agreement and pay the deposit. Now, we need you to complete the organizer and send us your data

Complete the Tax Organizer

We developed and online easy to fill organizer. Although it will take time to complete, this will works as a reminder of all the events that have tax implications.  

Upload your documents

You will received an invitation to use our secure portal. You can also use this link to upload your documents.

We are working on your tax return, we might need to contact you to ask a few questions

We start reviewing your documents and uploading the information into our tax software. We might need to contact you with additional questions

Your tax return is ready for review. Let's schedule a video call to show you the results

We are ready to show you your tax return, you can ask any question you may have. If anything needs to be update we will do it and schedule another call.

Sign some forms electronically, complete payment, we e-file your tax return

You will received some forms to sign, and your final invoice. We will e-file your tax return, a copy will be available in our portal for future access. 


Our client portal uses bank level encryption to protect your data. Additionally, it provides us with a great flexibility to offer our services without the need of travel or making appointments.

With our Client Portal you can:

  • Upload your tax documents (W-2, 1098’s, 1099’s, etc.)

  • Access your tax returns, tax documents & payment vouchers anytime, anywhere

  • Sign your e-file forms right on your computer or mobile device

  • Enjoy secure storage of and access to all your tax information since you’ve been my client

  • 256 bit bank level encryption at all points of data access which is far more secure than e-mail

  • No additional charge and valuable savings in time


Nothing to worry about.

We offer bookkeeping services at great prices. 

Take a look at our monthly bookkeeping services here

Clean up / Catch up???  Let us review your books and we'll prepare a proposal to have your books ready for tax preparation

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